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We have some expectations from all applicants, if you don't meet those expectations, we will decline you straight away:

Fill out the application the best of your ability and post the file in the application tab or send it in a private message to Savitar on discord, thank you!

The questions underlined must be answered!


  • You must have keybinds for all your abilities, this really means ALL possible abilities you could use during combat.
  • We expect you to have an interface that gives you proper visibility during combat.
  • We expect you to be able to communicate via voice chat in Discord.
  • We expect you to use the recommended addons in the Addon Guide which you can find in our Discord.
  • Stay cool! Listen to criticism and expect to be questioned. If you lash out or
  • start insulting people, we won't take you seriously.
  • The craft materials that drops within raids are reserved for the guild. This is
  • in our perspective the most appropriate way to handle raid progression. If raiders want to make an item, they have to contact one of the raid officers about this first!
  • Be sure to read the information in the ''general-information''-tab on our discord!

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