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About Us

About Us:
  • We are a social guild, striving for fun and social interacting.
  • Our main goal is to progress through raid content with a semi-hardcore/hardcore mindset.
  • Also we want to do Battlegrounds, Dungeons, Group leveling and possibly some role-playing.

What We Provide:
  • Dungeon and leveling groups.
  • Healthy guild in a competitive environment with ongoing recruitment.
  • Social and fun environment which shares a strong and friendly community.
  • Serious and efficient raid environment with low downtime. Read more here: Guild Rules
  • We share knowledge about classes, stats, PvP and other Classic WoW information.
  • Nice and fun raiding environment, lead by experienced raid-leaders and WoW veterans.

What Are We looking For:
  • Exceptional and stable players with high availability to join our 40man raid roster.
  • A person who understands that his/her performance, attendance and attitude directly reflects his/her gains.
  • Attitude, Attendance and Performance are the most important properties we are looking for in new candidates.
  • Good dedication to the game and a friendly person that is willing to help other people around, someone you can really rely on.

Raiding Information:
  • Raid times: Wednesdays 19.00 - 23.00 & Sundays (Main Raid Day) 19.00 - 23.00 CET.
  • Loot will be handled via Loot Council! Read more here: Loot Distribution Philosophy
  • Raiding with full raid having consumables, pre-BiS gear, enchants, potential world buffs, all spells/abilities key-binded, macros and some required addons!

Note: Applications will be mandatory to enter the guild's raid-roster!

  • Keep in mind that even if you are selected for the raid-team, we can replace you if we find someone who is more dedicated or have overall better performance than you. As long as you are listening well to the raid-officers and you are fully prepared, and you are going to attend on each raid, you can expect to be staying on the raid-team.
  • In case you will not make it with raiding, be sure to mention your absence as soon as possible!!! If you will announce this just before raiding, then you won't be excused. If you are not gonna show up after not being excused, this eventually leads to a replacement.
  • If you're going to apply for the raid application, READ THIS FIRST!