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Submitted on: Jul 03, 2019 at 11:36 AM
What do you apply for? (Raid or Social Spot)

Guild Raiding Team

Raid Application

1. About Yourself:









Discord ID


How good is your English ? (1: Poor - 5: Excellent)


How would you best describe yourself?

A little WoW-Fanatic, i'm a dedicated raider and i always want to improve myself in a lot of aspects in my life, also in gaming.

2. Character(s)

Race and Class
Night Elf Priest
Main Spec


Altnernative / Off Spec:

PI + SW specc

Current Level:


Profession 1:

Herbalism (For the start)

Profession 2:

Tailoring (Truefaith chest)

3. Character Optimization

What Addons do you use and why?

Add-ons i use are mostly also shown in my screenshot (It is a screenshot of my healdruid, but my healpriest had almost the simliar grid and bars etc)

Thats what i use and why:

[XPerl or Elvui] on retail/Wotlk = Raidframes, i'm mostly used to these and they are really easy to configurate.
[Grid] = I especially only use this for healers. I am playing with mouseovers a lot and grid did just fine for me in terms of showing me what i want.
[Recount] = Obv Reasons, show your healing output compared to others and analyze some data.
[Bartender] = Moveable bars, must have for me.
[Lifebloomer-Only Druid and TBC] = 4 Frames for getting easy lifeblooms in.
[Chatter] = More options to change the chat
[Raidcooldowns] = Musthave for me, especially when i was raidleading in TBC.
[Debufffilter] = It showed all debuffs on the target that i wanted, wont probably use it as healer tho.
[Parrot] = Combat Scrolling Test, adjust the numbers, make em smaller for example to have a more clear view.
[CooldownCount] = Showing Cooldowns on Spells.
[Bagnon] = A little life improvement with sorted bags [Did not use it with Elvui, since it was inbuild there]
[Panacea-Drums] = Drums were op in TBC, must have to have a set rotation for drums. Not a thing for Vanilla though.

What you can't see on the screen but i'll probably use on Classic:

[Questie] = Questaddon, i'm not the greatest quester guy, so must-have for me.
And probably some more, it depends what will be available on launch.

I also have used some Arena-addons, like Juked, Icicle, Bufflib and Gladdy.

Screenshot URL (with visible keybinds & addons for raiding):
Talents (Send a link of your build down below):
What is the stat priority of your class?

Healing -> Spirit ->= Mp5 -> int

For the start i'll try to get as much bonus healing as i possibly can. I looked up a lot of BiS lists and discussions on the classic-priest discord. ManaPOOL doesn't really matter. And so will be the 2000 Mana flask probably aswell for the start. Since always when u dont get below <2000 Mana, this flask was not helpful. Ofcourse i'll get her regardless at some point, and use her before i see that my mana won't fit without anymore.

Handling the manaregen is just everything you have to do. Precasting and stopping for example will be really important.

What is your Rotation / Ability priority:

> At freshly dinged 60, i'll use spells like Heal rank 3 for dungeons. It is very efficient for the start and the damage incoming is really low for dungs. (That depends of the amount pulled and the level of the mobs aswell ofcourse).

> When i start to stack up my addheal to around 350-400 already, i can use spells like greater heal 4. The reason for this is that every spell that you get after level 20, has the same spell coeffecient. And GH 4 is behind that line ofcourse. So the healing per mana of this spell will be great aswell.
I'll use it for first raids and everything depends on the situation and the assignment i got.

> For example i am the maintank healer on some low hitting boss, ill probably won't use maxrank GH. It would drain me in no time. So i downrank to something with the same coefficient and i will precast only. Using a Renew depending on situation and when i have to move maybe. I'll NEVER use a Power word shield on the tank, since it only drains him rage. The only possible moment that this will be a thing is when i have to move and the tank is really low, but nothing else.

>Downranking gets better when my healing gets higher. But when everything is about to do big HPS theres no way around of using maxrank of Greaterheals, Flashheals and maybe Renew. Renew is mostly compared to GH and FH a kinda shitty spell. It will be good for dungeons i believe.

> When i get put on a group healer position, i'll prolly NEVER use greater heal. Flashheals and maybe if >60% of my group gets lower Prayer of Healing is the way to go.

> Darkmooncard will help me to heal way more efficient and when i get more spirit i can mostly spam with the proccs. That will be awesome.
> Also depends on the items later, that i'll get. Every priest wants to get atleast 3 pieces of T1, since it reduces flashheal casttime by 0.1sec. I also heard it reduced the GCD by using it for 0.1sec, we'll see if that will be the case here aswell. But yeah this spell will get very, very good with that bonus
> 8/8 T2 is what most of the priest are going to. The rank 5 renew on every greaterheal make lower ranks of GH spam so worth it and the HPS is incredibly strong, that you are able to do. It'll will be my "dream" aswell to get hand on those, so i can abuse that little setbonus as good as i can.

TL;DR: Healing rank 3 in first dungeons, maybe Renews and in danger situations Flash heals.
Raids: Greaterheals and the strength of it depending on other healers, encounter and damage on the tank when i am tankhealing.
Raidhealing: Flashheals all the way and maybe Renews on the Tank whenever i have time.
3/8 T1 and 8/8 T2 biggest upgrades for MC/BWL.

What do you do to optimize yourself & your character in / outside raids?

Farming Dungeons as much as i can. Leveling Herbalism/Tailoring while leveling to get a income going. I want to finance my later engineering and my first important consumables if possible. I sell Bags and maybe important herbs for the first weeks to make the money i need, get my riding mount asap and when i got an alt, ill drop herbalism for engineering at some point. Tailoring is ofcourse for my Truefaith chest, which is Preraid-BiS and a very strong item after all.

Spamming Stratholme for the recipe. Also for the righteous orbs. Also good for stocking holy water.

Are you willing to go the extra mile to improve your guilds progression? Changing profession to Engi/Tailor or choosing the best racial for example?

As mentioned above i'll get Enigneering and Tailor as soon as i have got an alt.
My racial will be night-elf, but i try to show you that i can work in the guilds interests and improve my classic healing to a almost maximum point.

Also when i get nice people around me, it is like a "2nd family" for me. I can do my dungeon grind with guild members, so we can get a trained and fast group to have fast clears and way more efficiency in getting the items we want.

I like giving advices when i am allowed ofc, to improve something that CAN be improved still ofcourse. I'm not lootwhoring and i respect the decisions of the lootcouncil, since i was part in past lootcouncil aswell.

4. WoW Experience

What Experience do you have with raiding?

I was raidleading on a german server called Back2Basics. I was raidleading for around 1 1/2 years and i think i was really successfull. I build up my own guild with a very good friend back then. We managed everything really well, cleared the progress till Illidan (Sunwell never opened there, sadly).
I also was doing a pugraid on this server for my rogue and i was able to get doubleglaives after around 9 months of farming. This raid tho was probably the best raid on this server after like 6 months of raiding with these people. I had a lot of people going with me every week and the discipline was very fine.

=> My goal as raidleading was always = Get the raid as good as possible, be nice to people and give them a enjoyable and quick raid. I tried to minmax a lot back then.

I was raiding for the time of Uldir on BFA aswell and the endcontent in MoP also. But i wasnt raidleading there, just joined some guilds for fun times and inspect the retail WoW. I quit quite early since retail just didn't got that great now.

Vanilla / Classic Experience?

I leveled a warrior to level 60 on a classic private server. But since i couldnt really get hold of any guild there I stopped playing on this server back then.

Other experience?

I volunteered as a Game-Master on Back2Basics, my intention for that was to help other people, make their life on this server more enjoyable and try to help devs to get a faster sunwell release. I never abused any of my rights, even when i made the decision to leave the GM-Team after around 1 year. I liked it really much but i had some reallife problems and had not that much time and motivation to really do this job anymore.

5. Additional Information

Did you read the READ FIRST!!! section before making your application?


Are you able to attend the raid times? (Sunday: 19.00 - 23.00 CET & Wednesday: 19:00 - 23:00 CET)


Are you able to join Discord during raids?


Are you able to communicate vocally via a headset?


Do you have a stable internet connection?


If you answered No to any of the previous questions please provide an explanation.

Why should we want you?

I like to minmax and i am trying to play to my given maximum whenever i can. I have a attendance of 100% and i never skip raids. I will take a lot of time in the first 2 weeks of classic (holidays), getting everything set and leveling as fast as i can (Leveling with a friend). As a person, im a quite guy. But i can always talk when i have to. Also i like to have a guild where i can kinda "feel" an athmosphere of a little family. I can stand constructive criticism and always want to improve from that afterwards

Feel free to add additional info:

Thanks for your time and i think i'll be a great addition to your roster and also a person it will give the possiblity to improve myself and maybe help out other people, just to get the classic experience that i want.

Best Regards



I took my time to write this application now. I hope it suits you guys 😀
Hey Marcel,

Thanks for making a new application! It's looking waaay better now!
Before we make a fair judgement, I want to ask you a few more question...

1. Are you willing to roll a Dwarf instead? Because Stoneform + Fear Ward + Desperate Prayer are the extrra spells that will make you even better.
2. What macros are you going to use to optimize your performance? (mouse-over macros for example.)
3. I can see that you have played a Restoration Druid before. Are you interested in playing one once again?

PS: Keep in mind that there's a lot of competition for the priests slots, but we're giving every single one of the accepted priests a proper chance to shine.

Thanks for the dedication you put in your application this time! Looking forwards to your answers on the questions above here.
Q. Are you willing to roll a Dwarf instead? Because Stoneform + Fear Ward + Desperate Prayer are the extrra spells that will make you even better.

Answer: I probably don't want to. I am a minmaxer yes, but also i like to take care of the RP-Fact of the game. Nightelf is just my favourite race over the whole game and the design and storywork done on them is just excellent. I personally want to show you how i can perform without the strong dwarven racials and in terms of healing I think i can outshine/outperform.

Q2: What macros are you going to use to optimize your performance? (mouse-over macros for example.)

Answer: Sorry for not talking too much about that. I am mainly using mouse-over macros and the raidframes to handle them (Grid/Elvui as mentioned before). For Example: /cast [@mouseover] Greater Heal(Rank 4). I never was a clicker before and i'll bind every single ability that i will use as a mouse-over if possible.

Q3: I can see that you have played a Restoration Druid before. Are you interested in playing one once again?

Answer: I haven't made a lot of thoughts about my 2nd Character yet, but my 1st character will be a holypriest regardless. I mainly get the 2nd character for splits and i haven't done much research on Restoration druids yet. It can change regardless, if the guild is in big need of those, i can make a Restodruid as my alt. The restoration druid on my screenshot was just like one of many characters i played and was not comparable with my priest, since my priest had T6 gear and my druid hasnt. But i couldn't find a screen of my priest, was prolly to busy healing xD

Thanks for your answer! I hope i answered your questions to your liking!

Best regards

To add some more details to question 1: I always played nightelf priest, on BFA my pirests name is Lynuriel from Antonidas and on TBC it also was nightelf. I know that there is competition and it depends on you how much dwarfs you actually gonna get till you get a non-dwarven healeri in your setup.

I personally want to have a great vanilla experience regardless :D i just loved TBC and Wotlk/Mop was also fine for me. But i think Vanilla personally suits me really, really well. Retail has the egoisitc mindset just getting all the loot and saying you are better than everyone. I persnoally don't mind of the loot, i will be really happy for everything i am able to achieve for myself and i'll work for my Preraid-BiS as much as i have to!
Hello again Lyn, looks much better now :)

I think the reason there's so much talk about NE is that Dwarf priests bring unique utility that no other Class+Race combo brings. It affects raid spots. An example:

  • You're performing great as NE priest.
  • Another priest is performing great too, he is Dwarf.
  • There's only 1 priest spot left in a raid.
  • The raid leader would usually have a hard decision of who to pick, because both of you perform great.
  • But because the other priest is Dwarf and Fear Ward means some bosses go A LOT smoother, it's an easy decision.

Dedication trumps racials. But choosing NE means you have to outperform Dwarf priests, to offset the unique utility Dwarf brings. You need to be OK with the effects of your decision.
I'm a competetive player, i'll be fine to battle it out with the dwarves 💪 If you have 4-5 dwarven priests perfoming constantly better than me, than it is how it is. But my experience says there probably won't be that many that will stick to playing or be that great players in overall.
+1 for me.

I think the application is good and well written and you seem dedicated to make this work, specially the rotation part looks good.

However i really dont understand the Nightelf choice as others mentioned also.
When you mention competitive and minmaxing i dont see where the Nelf fits into that when looking at a Holy spot when there are way better choices available.
- In case you applied as a Shadow priest it would make more sense to choose what you did, but it does not benefit you as a healer at all specially when there are two other options like Human and Dwarf that got awesome racials for raid healing/utility.

What Mass used as an example might cause some issues for you when looking at a permanent raid spot when competing with the other players that might have equal dedication and skill level that chose Dwarf or Human for holy.
- We have alot of Priests lined up already for the Holy spots so competition is going to be tough thats for sure.
- There will be higher chances of you being benched over a Dwarf on certain encounters or even raids as a Holy spec Nightelf.
-- - I assume you can relate with your raid-leading experience.

We got a Shadow spot open if you fancy playing that, which also makes more sense to the racial available as a Nightelf.
Since i already kinda knew, there would be some problems playing nightelf priest in a more than a semi-hardcore guild.

=> Savitar asked me, if i could be able to play resto druid? What is the possiblity of me getting a spot when i agree with playing a restodruid instead?

After some thought restodruid is also fine for me. Atleast there is not a lifebloom available right now. Do i have to reapply for that? I mean you saw my restodruids interface, and i'll also use mainly mouseovers on a resto and the downranking and all the stuff will also be a thing for me.
Just to be completely transparent here, we dont want to force you to play anything you dislike.
- We are trying to make sure you realize the possibility that your choice on the racial and spec might reflect your position in the raid roster.

A Resto Druid would fit good, we are still looking for a few so that could be a possibility also.

Your application had a nice foundation for a good healer which reflects nicely on the druid class also. There are many similarities with the priest playstyle, addons, macros, downranks and so on.
I dont see any reason in you making a new application.

I completely feel not out of place with playing a druid. Priest/Druid are both a new experience for me in the classic content and i think it is very fine for me to be a "hotting FF-Bot". 😜

So i would join you as a restodruid if you want to have me. My alt might be not a priest or i will see, still TBD. My classic experience won't get negatively by playing either druid or priest, so i'm completely fine.